Thursday, March 17, 2011

When lambs become lions.

There are certain moments in life where you find yourself misguided, lost or simply stuck in a crossroad. There are times when you find yourself doubting who you are, what you're capable of and who you really are. You ask yourself questions like "what's wrong with me?" "Am I of any value?" or "Do I deserve to be this way?" Basically a lot of self-doubt is instilled on you specially after something nerve-wracking happens to you. Maybe you got rejected, maybe you got humiliated or maybe it just happened but just like any fall that you take in life whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally, you get to a point where you realize that you need to stand up. You need to get up off of the floor and you just need to rebuild things in your life. Self confidence, self esteem and just everything about yourself. You get to the point where you realize that you have to stop doubting what you're capable of & you realize how much potential you have. You start to believe in yourself again or if that doesn't happen to you, you force yourself to believe in you. You realize that there is nothing wrong with you, that you are fine just the way you are and there's nothing you need to change about you. It hits you that you have to get out of the slump you're in and that you have to just brush it off and start trying again. Just like in acting, sometimes certain parts are just not meant for you, it's just not your character. It's not because you're a bad actor or anything, it's just that the part isn't for you & even if you believe & know that you can do the part extremely well, it's not your fault. Blame it on the director or the people who handle the casting for not seeing who you are, who you can be, and what greatness you can do. They say the best way to build something is from the ground up.. If you see yourself in a situation where you feel like you hit rock-bottom then look at it as a blessing.. You can rebuild yourself completely and with stronger foundations, you can be whoever or whatever you want to be with nothing holding you back. When you fall, you just have to find the strength to get back up and you'll see yourself stronger than you were, and much much better. You have a lot to offer and if someone or some situation doesn't see that, then offer it to someone else, someone that'll make you feel appreciated, someone who will need you and someone who will see the good that you bring about with you, not letting it go to waste & not letting it pass them by. You can't force anything to happen, it just does. Stop moping about.. it won't get you anywhere. Use it as motivation, use it to better yourself and at the end of the day you won't regret anything. Channel whatever emotion you have whether it be anger, or depression and use that to stand up from the ditch that you're stuck in. Just get up..

It's time for lambs to become lions because in life there are no underdogs. We are what we make ourselves to be.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Sometimes I dread the night, because what comes with it is fright.
It's not because of the absence of light, it's the thoughts that don't take flight.

I try my best not to think of you, but when I close my eyes it's just you through and through.
My friends tell me to start something new, but for some odd reason I just don't share the same views.

I stay up at night remembering how it felt, when you sat on the roof and beside you i knelt.
They say you have to live with the hand that you're dealt, but a few words from you and for sure I know I'll melt.

Some singers sing about being shattered, I feel what they feel because deep down inside I'm battered.
People chase after you like sheep following the herd, how the heck am I supposed to contend when I know I'm just another nerd.

Maybe it's a battle that I just can't win, but I don't want to leave just yet til the credits say fin.
Most people would solve this with a bottle of gin, I on the other hand just try my best to keep it in.

More often than not I feel ridiculously confused, each and every day this predicament grows frustratingly obtuse.
It doesn't matter if I come up with a strategy or a ruse, it's as hopeless as squeezing a lemon hoping for a little bit of apple juice.

I don't know what to think anymore, so I write this in the guise of humor.
To me you're still all that I adore, or maybe like what the spanish say, this I think is amor.