Friday, November 11, 2011

Kissing the future..

Today marked the last day of Fran joining me on The Morning Rush (since Chico's on leave). Yesterday before the show ended somebody reminded us of the future wedding vows we wrote to our non-existent fiances and so we decided to do the Top 10 things you'd wanna say to your future boyfriend/girlfriend. We were so surprised at the amount of messages we got from people today, I guess it just goes to show that deep down inside of everyone, there's a budding romantic wanting to come out.

We never even remembered that today was 11/11/11 so it all kind of fell into place. So in keeping with the tradition of wishing, here are our messages to our future significant others.

So Fran came up with two entries..

Dear Future Boyfriend,

It's 11.11.11 today, I've been doing it all my life, but since today is the day for it, I'll wish for you harder than ever before.


Dear Future Boyfriend,

I really dont know when you'll arrive, I dont even know if I want you right now. But when the time is right, I'm hoping you'll ease all my fears and wrap your arms around me and give me that one solid hug I've been waiting for. Dont be shocked if I cry a little, because its been an amazing adventure to get to you and now that you're here im happy that we can share the next adventure together.

Here's my message to the future..

Dear Future Girlfriend,

I especially like how quirky you can be, and how sometimes you're a dork just like me.

I like how you don't care about what the world thinks, and how you laugh at my jokes even if they stink.

I hope that eventually we'll be on the same boat, because I know that when that happens life will be on a happier note.

So for now I say hey, coz I'm hoping that when we get together all you'll get to say is yay.

And with that, thank YOU for making 11/11/11 memorable for us. Here's to all of our wishes coming true :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


There are times in your life when you'd imagine that you'd never fall, but then again here's life throwing you a curve ball.

You were fine just the way you were oblivious to emotion, and then the next thing you know in your head, love's the only notion.

You see yourself unsure of where you wanna be, yet you see yourself with this girl and she's constantly in your dreams.

You're walking around in the dark not entirely sure of where you're going, but you don't see it as a bad thing because you're constantly hoping.

You hide your excitement to conceal what you really feel, but you and your friends know the whole darn deal.

You think she's pretty amazing and disarmingly charming, and when you're around her you always feel your heart pounding.

You're always thinking of the right words to say around her, but no matter how hard you try your mind always seems to falter.

Your friends tell you how you should conduct yourself around her, but in your head none of this stuff really matters.

You constantly remind yourself to think of it as a game, but when you try to act suave all that goes through your head is "man, that was lame".

You don't know where this is heading but you hope and pray to God that it won't be a dead end.

You've been down similar roads before but you feel it's different, you hope this time that you've got better judgement.

You can't deny the fact that it makes you a happy camper, though you're scared that this might just turn into another disaster.

So here you are standing at the edge of a cliff thinking about jumping, the only question left is do you think you're worth catching?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

When lambs become lions.

There are certain moments in life where you find yourself misguided, lost or simply stuck in a crossroad. There are times when you find yourself doubting who you are, what you're capable of and who you really are. You ask yourself questions like "what's wrong with me?" "Am I of any value?" or "Do I deserve to be this way?" Basically a lot of self-doubt is instilled on you specially after something nerve-wracking happens to you. Maybe you got rejected, maybe you got humiliated or maybe it just happened but just like any fall that you take in life whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally, you get to a point where you realize that you need to stand up. You need to get up off of the floor and you just need to rebuild things in your life. Self confidence, self esteem and just everything about yourself. You get to the point where you realize that you have to stop doubting what you're capable of & you realize how much potential you have. You start to believe in yourself again or if that doesn't happen to you, you force yourself to believe in you. You realize that there is nothing wrong with you, that you are fine just the way you are and there's nothing you need to change about you. It hits you that you have to get out of the slump you're in and that you have to just brush it off and start trying again. Just like in acting, sometimes certain parts are just not meant for you, it's just not your character. It's not because you're a bad actor or anything, it's just that the part isn't for you & even if you believe & know that you can do the part extremely well, it's not your fault. Blame it on the director or the people who handle the casting for not seeing who you are, who you can be, and what greatness you can do. They say the best way to build something is from the ground up.. If you see yourself in a situation where you feel like you hit rock-bottom then look at it as a blessing.. You can rebuild yourself completely and with stronger foundations, you can be whoever or whatever you want to be with nothing holding you back. When you fall, you just have to find the strength to get back up and you'll see yourself stronger than you were, and much much better. You have a lot to offer and if someone or some situation doesn't see that, then offer it to someone else, someone that'll make you feel appreciated, someone who will need you and someone who will see the good that you bring about with you, not letting it go to waste & not letting it pass them by. You can't force anything to happen, it just does. Stop moping about.. it won't get you anywhere. Use it as motivation, use it to better yourself and at the end of the day you won't regret anything. Channel whatever emotion you have whether it be anger, or depression and use that to stand up from the ditch that you're stuck in. Just get up..

It's time for lambs to become lions because in life there are no underdogs. We are what we make ourselves to be.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Sometimes I dread the night, because what comes with it is fright.
It's not because of the absence of light, it's the thoughts that don't take flight.

I try my best not to think of you, but when I close my eyes it's just you through and through.
My friends tell me to start something new, but for some odd reason I just don't share the same views.

I stay up at night remembering how it felt, when you sat on the roof and beside you i knelt.
They say you have to live with the hand that you're dealt, but a few words from you and for sure I know I'll melt.

Some singers sing about being shattered, I feel what they feel because deep down inside I'm battered.
People chase after you like sheep following the herd, how the heck am I supposed to contend when I know I'm just another nerd.

Maybe it's a battle that I just can't win, but I don't want to leave just yet til the credits say fin.
Most people would solve this with a bottle of gin, I on the other hand just try my best to keep it in.

More often than not I feel ridiculously confused, each and every day this predicament grows frustratingly obtuse.
It doesn't matter if I come up with a strategy or a ruse, it's as hopeless as squeezing a lemon hoping for a little bit of apple juice.

I don't know what to think anymore, so I write this in the guise of humor.
To me you're still all that I adore, or maybe like what the spanish say, this I think is amor.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

First photo blog ever... most probably the only one I'll ever do.

Warning.. these images may induce shock.. or not. Scroll down slowly...

So it started off as a pretty normal day in RX.. With Fran and I joined by JJ of Radio 1...

and then I got bored, so I decided to put on a GUN SHOW...

and then on the lower right side of the screen an unknown figure popped out... which looked eerily like Sadako from the ring thus ensuing in the next set of photos....

Moral of the story... no matter how masculine you may seem, your true colors will always shine through.


I hope this puts a smile on all of your faces coz it surely did for us :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wedding Vows

So today on the show we asked people to send in their future wedding vows and of course it only seems fair that we came up with our own vows. So here's to the future..

I've been through a lot to say the least, to me life has been a beast.

I've been shattered, i've been broken, but throughout all of this I've remained open.

You've proved to me that there is good in humanity, and it's not all just about sin and vanity.

You've picked up my heart's broken pieces, mended my soul with your ridiculously amazing kisses.

You make me want to be a better man, even if this sounds as cliche as a line from jean claude van damme.

I'll admit to you there were times when I felt doubt, it comes naturally when above my head there's always been a cloud.

But because of you I started to believe, that eventually a day would come that I would feel relief.

Now I'm sharing all of this with you and a bunch of other people, when the only thing going through my head is my god you're so beautiful..

I won't ever leave you, but keep in mind that I'll always need you.

I'll drive the kids to school in a minivan if I have to, massage your feet when you're tired too.

I wouldn't mind living in a small house, as long as with you and me it's never cat and mouse.

I pray that you won't ever get tired of me, even when I turn seventy-three.

Because these words I write for you are concrete, and without you, my life wouldn't be complete.

I love you now and forever, so here take this ring and dance with me 'til we wither :)

Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in a nutshell.

Dear 2010,

You've been a crazy year. I'm sure this applies to a lot of people. There are many reasons to be thankful for what you've brought about, but at the same time there's also plenty of reasons to be pissed off at you. I've had my fair share of trials and tribulations with you but I can honestly say that I don't blame you. There are many things that I've learned from you. There are many things that I picked up from the pain you've brought about but also many good memories from the smiles you've brought to me.

I started with a trip to Bangkok with my dear radio family, a new adventure for me since I've never been there. I had plenty of kilig moments even if it cost me an arm and a leg to access the internet just emailing about flashes of lightning and talking about turtles. You taught me that sometimes things don't work out for a reason, sometimes people are really in your life for a different purpose.

You revived my ability to write. You taught me that whatever I felt would be better expressed written and that more often that not things that are unwritten should be let out in the open. You taught me that letting it go is as simple as being honest with what you really feel. You taught me that there is much happiness to be had when you see happiness in other people. You taught me the real meaning of being selfless.

Then you gave me new opportunities, you gave me something new yet again. You gave me a TV show to host which I'm amazingly proud to be part of. You gave me new friends and a new challenge, something to build up on and something to improve at.

Then you took me to a cloud, you brought me up so high. Met new friends along the way. You gave me hope, you gave me something to believe in. You inspired me and you reminded me that I can still feel that way about people. You reminded me of what it's like to have faith, to believe in something you can't even see, to fight for something that you truly think is worth it.

Then you brought me back down to the ground teaching me that opening up entirely is something you should be more reserved about. You taught me fear, you reminded me of trauma and you reminded me that life doesn't always work out the way you want it to, no matter how hard you believe in it or no matter how hard you fight for it. You taught me that there are some battles you can't win. You taught me about the ABCs of love and that no matter how painful it can get more often than not you will still give way. You will still learn how to forgive despite how unforgivable the situation may seem. You taught me that love doesn't always have to be a two-way street and that in REAL love you just give way to what the other person wants and it won't always conform to what you need.

But from the ground where you brought me to, you helped me up. You taught me that no matter what, friends will always be there for you. They will stand with you through thick and thin and that they will support you no matter how hopeless you may seem to them. They will always have your back as long as you're in the right path and that they will give you advice even if you don't seem to pay attention to them. You taught me that even when other people consider them as your "competition" friendship will always trump work. You taught me how important friends and family can be.

You let me realize that I have brothers from other mothers. Family that I've never known before and true camaraderie in the guise of laughter and insults.

They say that you should end the year right to start the year right....

At the end of this year, I will spend New Year's eve alone on the helipad of where I live watching the fireworks all by myself because if there's one thing that this year has taught me it's that I should learn how to do things on my own and I should learn to be alone.

At the end of year 2009, I was wishing for one thing. I was wishing for my next great love to come along. I was hoping for her to come around and I was hoping for a companion to go through life with. In the year 2010 life didn't give me what I asked for, instead it deemed that I should get COMPANIONS to go through life with. It may not be what I asked for but it's something of equal importance.

As this year comes to a close I will no longer wish for what I wished for in 2009. I just wish that I have the strength to stand on my own and that I learn to appreciate the things that I already have and the people who are already with me.

With that, I say goodbye to you 2010... I thank you for the lessons you have taught me, the people you've brought into my life and the trials that you've given me. I say goodbye to you with a smile on my face not because I'm glad that you're over, but because I'm glad that you've left me several lessons which I have yet to learn. I will greet 2011 with a big resounding hello and I can only hope that it's as great as you've been to me.

Love, Gino.

Monday, November 15, 2010

To the orange and his loneliness. Because nothing rhymes with it.

Here's something I write to you, to explain to you why I do the things I do.

At first I thought that I was for the best, but as it turns out I'm just like the rest.

I'm starting to clearly see, that that's really not what I'm meant to be.

When I first met you, you were troubled and you had a bit of misery but I could still see that you were pretty happy.

Now that I've come along, I somehow feel that for you it's just like a sad song.

I feel for you when you cry, I know how you feel without me even having to try.

I wanted nothing more than to make you happy, but now I can see I just make you feel crappy.

I wake up everyday thinking about you, sometimes I wish it weren't true.

I'm so conflicted with you, that I feel like I need to kneel on a church pew.

I pray EVERYDAY that you gain clarity, and a huge amount of serenity.

I want you to be free of thought, so you can forget the evil that was wrought.

I wanted nothing but the best for you, even if it means me being out of the queue.

I want you to know that each moment with you, for me is something magical. No matter how mundane or trivial.

I've always felt like a set of lyrics, misplaced from it's melody aimlessly wandering the sound waves of eternity but in you I found my harmony.

I wish you felt the same way, but I know that for you it's like finding a needle in a stack of hay.

I know you've got a lot to handle and that you're still broken. I thought that maybe your walls were something I could crack open.

But it seems you need isolation, which I'll give to you without hesitation.

Because that's what you do for the people you love, you'll give them A,B,C and all of the above.

I know now that I have to walk away, because in the end I know that without me you'll wake up to a better day.

So now I think I should say goodbye, and hope and pray to God that I don't cry.

Because the best thing in my life right now is you, now I guess I'll just have to make do.