Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On pride and Twitter, or should i say "pride & twitteruice"

It started out as a pretty normal show today which turned into a small competition on who had more twitter followers, just a simple bet at first then it friggin snow-balled into a (well in my definition) serious competition between Fran & I.

Basically by monday next week, May4 at the very end of the show, whoever has more followers on twitter wins, and well here are the consequences.

If I lose, I have to take a photo of myself in a dress, with make up, and lights.. basically the whole 9 yards, (courtesy of treiz)

If I Win, Fran has to do a Marilyn Monroe impression photo complete with the white dress with the fan blowing it up and the blonde wig heck we should throw in the mole too of course (hopefully courtesy of treiz still).

Sometimes I seriously get in wayyyyy ahead of myself, I mean just the thought of me in a dress is simply absurd. So Please, do the world a favor and instead of creating an abominable picture of me in a dress, put Fran in a white one dressed as Marilyn Monroe and follow me on twitter. =)

--you'll make the world a better place. for real.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bird crazy

Everyone's going crazy over twitter, seriously and is it only me or does everyone find it amusing that every time there are too many tweets on twitter it shows this funny loading screen of little birds carrying a whale.

I find it amusing, or maybe I'm just shallow.

I seriously think that one of these days, the wall-e human situation is gonna push through. One of these days people are gonna be so attached to their chairs and computers that our bodies wont be able to support out weight standing up, that we'll all be fat, and glued to our movable computer chairs.

If that's the case, I'm way ahead of everyone on this trend. Think of it this way, fashion goes around in circles, fads do the same thing. In the renaissance period men with bellies were cool. Abs were un-cool. I should have been born way earlier. Quality over quantity, 1 big AB is so much better than 6 small ones. Right? I'm pretty sure everyone who agrees to this has a gut like I do.

My train of thought is completely scattered today, derailed would be an understatement.

"Sufferin suckatash"(as Sylvester would say) -------- Tweet me.

Monday, April 13, 2009

help out a friend, your post-lenten season sacrifice =)

so i'm helping out a really good friend of mine, it's a school project so please help out. If you have a facebook account all you have to do is go to this site and click become a fan :) please please! consider this as a post-lenten good deed =) cheers!

Friday, April 10, 2009

lies anyone?

What is the basis of a white lie? Is it really so bad? I know that lying is basically bad, but is there ever a situation where hiding the truth or lying is acceptable?

Whenever you do the right thing for some weird reason it always blows up in your face, sometimes it's so tempting to just lie about it and just get away with so many things or cause no damage whatsoever. I mean really think about it, in certain situations when you hide or lie about something to not cause pain then you're doing a good thing. More like a the end justifies the means sort of thing you know. But when is it ever really right to just lie or hide something?

If you have the answer to this question please let me know. I'm finding it very hard to answer this.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Excitement and a dying cause.

Yet again, I find myself in starbucks sitting down, this time with a not so familiar drink in my hand, It's an Iced soy green tea latte (thanks to jolly) which I think is awesome.

A couple of days ago I discovered the wonders of twitter, and the celebrities that come along with it. Now for those of you who tune in to RX all the time and listen to Jumpstart or whatever show it is that I find myself on every now and then, you'll know for a fact that I'm hopelessly devoted to
Kate Beckinsale, who on twitter is known as KBWiseman (since she's married to Underworld director Len Wiseman). I took a leap of faith adding her up pretty much expecting to be rejected since it was an account that was set on private. Much to my surprise she allowed me to follow her 2 days after.

I was talking to fran about it and I had decided to send her a message, just to say thank you for letting me add her up and basically tell her that I'm a big fan of hers, so much of a fan in fact that when she added me on twitter we had to talk about it on radio.

2 days after she replied telling me that I had a great job, and that without DJs music wouldn't be trendy and introduced properly without us. I took that as a huge compliment, aside from the fact that KATE BECKINSALE added me up and messaged me personally. I guess I just never thought that in this lifetime I'd actually get to communicate with her. A boy can dream.

I could go on about this more, but ever since I started this post I knew that it wouldn't last for long since I'm at a starbucks with no outlet for plugging in your laptops. Odd, yes, but so is the idea of Kate Beckinsale messaging me.