Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Fear (no not the lily allen song)

It's odd that I find myself on this very familiar screen yet again. I find it odd that I find myself writing again, well they do say that it's so much easier to write when you're feeling emotional so go figure.

Just a few realizations of the day.

-Being alone in front of a laptop on your bed while surfing/writing and listening to songs with your headphones on is quite enjoyable.

-The most shallow things that you never would've figured would trigger emotions do.

-Basketball is a very physical sport. (My whole body is just aching.)

Forgive me if this entry doesn't have any pattern whatsoever but seriously I just miss writing down my thoughts.

Have you guys ever been infatuated? Do you ever understand it? Have you ever been in a situation in which you find yourself getting unusually melancholy just because you haven't talked to somebody that you only talked to ONCE in your life? Somebody you actually "run" away from whenever you see them just because of sheer I dunno maybe fear? But don't get me wrong it's not the kind of fear you get out of watching The Exorcist or what not, it's more of like my God if I screw this up this is gonna be screwed up forever. Well I have, and I'm supposed to have no problems with talking to people, but when it comes to people who matter I end up buckling up and wanting to go home and assuming a fetal position in bed. The worst part about it is, you really can't do anything about it.

I haven't felt this way since high-school and I actually thought I went past that stage already. The funny thing is I've interviewed international celebrities and I've never buckled this way before not in a way in which you can't even glance at the person, or flash a smile her way or at least wave. I mean seriously Gino what's wrong with waving hello? I'm sure there's really nothing wrong with it, but I'm sure there's something wrong with me. When I figure out what that is, I'll be sure to let you know.

Normally I'd hate myself from signing off this blog in such a way but today, and for the past couple of weeks or so it's very understandable.

-The Pussy, a.k.a. Gino-