Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Fear (no not the lily allen song)

It's odd that I find myself on this very familiar screen yet again. I find it odd that I find myself writing again, well they do say that it's so much easier to write when you're feeling emotional so go figure.

Just a few realizations of the day.

-Being alone in front of a laptop on your bed while surfing/writing and listening to songs with your headphones on is quite enjoyable.

-The most shallow things that you never would've figured would trigger emotions do.

-Basketball is a very physical sport. (My whole body is just aching.)

Forgive me if this entry doesn't have any pattern whatsoever but seriously I just miss writing down my thoughts.

Have you guys ever been infatuated? Do you ever understand it? Have you ever been in a situation in which you find yourself getting unusually melancholy just because you haven't talked to somebody that you only talked to ONCE in your life? Somebody you actually "run" away from whenever you see them just because of sheer I dunno maybe fear? But don't get me wrong it's not the kind of fear you get out of watching The Exorcist or what not, it's more of like my God if I screw this up this is gonna be screwed up forever. Well I have, and I'm supposed to have no problems with talking to people, but when it comes to people who matter I end up buckling up and wanting to go home and assuming a fetal position in bed. The worst part about it is, you really can't do anything about it.

I haven't felt this way since high-school and I actually thought I went past that stage already. The funny thing is I've interviewed international celebrities and I've never buckled this way before not in a way in which you can't even glance at the person, or flash a smile her way or at least wave. I mean seriously Gino what's wrong with waving hello? I'm sure there's really nothing wrong with it, but I'm sure there's something wrong with me. When I figure out what that is, I'll be sure to let you know.

Normally I'd hate myself from signing off this blog in such a way but today, and for the past couple of weeks or so it's very understandable.

-The Pussy, a.k.a. Gino-


  1. Dude, no worse than any other guy

  2. sometimes we get really scared so we walk away/run/hide/become shy beyond normal parameters. haha. but sometimes, if we feel it's worth it, then we risk it. infatuated or not, i say take that leap! you have nothing to lose. if you don't get the response you want, then to hell with it. if you do, then perfect! whichever way it goes, you know you tried. and sometimes, that's all that really matters.

    on a side note, it's kinda cute to feel that way. butterflies-in-your-stomach kind of kilig. consider yourself lucky to have felt that. it's been a while since i did. and to be honest,we need that surge of crazy emotions from time to time. :D

  3. hayee, gino :)

    d sudden-switch-to-painfully-shy mode (around her) is rather d sign! pretty much says what's inside is indeed quite special. ayeee... :D

    don't run away from d truth. veritas est virtus. remember? ;)

    if ever d upshot wasn't what u actually hoped for, at least u can say to yerself u did everything u could & not have that nagging "what if...?" every. single. day.

    hope u won't end up like... (*clears throat/lowering voice*) me who still regrets something... 'round 9 yrs ago.


  4. Gino, y ouve got to believe in yourself. Youre even blessed posseding good features dude. Unyet, youre having a problem approaching a girl. If you really like her go for it. GOsh. Regret is the most awful feeling in this world. I also regretted something in the past, not having to show my ex that I loved him truly. and man, it was really awful and I cried for months when we broke up. Not because it ened but because of regret of not having to show him that I really love him. C'mon.. Never dwell on your fears. I think its because youre afraid of rejection. Dont expect too much. Just think about that you are doing it for your own good and not ending up regretting something.

    pagxur Gino, ayaw paglangay2.. Life is short. Live it to the fullest. like the song "You got to live like we're dying". sus atay... gwapo au ka nia magpaluko2 ka sa babae.. pagxur jud uie... tuo sa imung sarili na kaya nimo himuon.. wala bya jud pagsisisi na wala sa huli.. (wink2) Goodluck..

  5. go on and think along the lines of "yeah right" when i say that u and I are quite the same Gino...I'm a very avid fan of RX and you and Fran are my two favorite DJ's apart from Chico & Del...the one reason I like listening to u specifically is because u remind me of who i me a liar or whatever man but i'm also a gamer...a gamer quite like you...sleeps at the wee hours of the morning..wakes up almost at lunchtime...etc on and so forth...why am i saying all this? I dunno man...maybe I just wanna say that you're not alone...and I know sometimes being alone (to us) means being happy and content (weird as we are in that way)...we have to do something about it...regardless of our fear for rejection or what not...we sometimes have to care LESS so we can do MORE...and try MORE things in least that's what i'm trying to do...

    bottomline man...just cheer up and have a blast! :).

  6. Go for it Gino.. just go for it :)