Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wedding Vows

So today on the show we asked people to send in their future wedding vows and of course it only seems fair that we came up with our own vows. So here's to the future..

I've been through a lot to say the least, to me life has been a beast.

I've been shattered, i've been broken, but throughout all of this I've remained open.

You've proved to me that there is good in humanity, and it's not all just about sin and vanity.

You've picked up my heart's broken pieces, mended my soul with your ridiculously amazing kisses.

You make me want to be a better man, even if this sounds as cliche as a line from jean claude van damme.

I'll admit to you there were times when I felt doubt, it comes naturally when above my head there's always been a cloud.

But because of you I started to believe, that eventually a day would come that I would feel relief.

Now I'm sharing all of this with you and a bunch of other people, when the only thing going through my head is my god you're so beautiful..

I won't ever leave you, but keep in mind that I'll always need you.

I'll drive the kids to school in a minivan if I have to, massage your feet when you're tired too.

I wouldn't mind living in a small house, as long as with you and me it's never cat and mouse.

I pray that you won't ever get tired of me, even when I turn seventy-three.

Because these words I write for you are concrete, and without you, my life wouldn't be complete.

I love you now and forever, so here take this ring and dance with me 'til we wither :)


  1. Sweet nito par! pwede kong gamitin sa 25th Wedding anniversary namin ng wife ko...hehehe matagal pa naman

  2. so sweet! i'm so kilig! i wish i'd find a guy that'd be sweet as you! :)))

  3. I pray that you won't ever get tired of me, even when I turn seventy-three.
    - i always love seeing old couples still having that love they have back when they were young. :) my fave part of your vow. although, i felt kilig sa lahat. hahaha!

  4. you're very good in rhyming ^_^

  5. i love the rhyming of words, the message and the completeness of the vow. <3

  6. this is the best episode ever of #GinoandFran, hands down. good luck with whatever the future holds for you guys =]

  7. Awww.. that last line was awesome! :)

  8. Wow... This is just the sweetest, most romantic vow I've ever read or heard... (Well, next to Lea Salonga's "Two Words (I Do)", which she sang during her wedding. :D )

    But in any case, hands down to you, Gino. :)

  9. Awww... what more can I say?


    May the good force bring you the lady that deserves your for both your lifetime ^_^

  10. swerte naman ng pag-aalayan ng vows na to

  11. sweet.... for the lucky bride-to-be :)

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