Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Home Improvement

I had another clear dream today, unfortunately it was rudely interrupted by people knocking on my door, but i still remember the details of it. What I don't remember though is the purpose of the dream. Basically I have the setting down but not the plot.

In this dream I had a BEAUTIFUL condominium, I mean don't get me wrong I love where I live in now, but this place in my head was just amazing. I distinctly remember the amazing bedroom that I had in it, It was very minimalist, nice clean lines and most of the colors were earth tones, It was a king sized bed, with nice wenge colored furniture in it. Something else stood out though, in a sea of neutral colors, I had dark blue glass cabinets. I don't exactly know what they're called but I've seen them plenty of times before in different colors. Imagine blue wood with non-glare glass on top of it, with nice sliding doors and all.

Of course I didn't just stay in the room so I eventually ventured out into the living area, and my God it was just such a sexy/sophisticated looking pad. It looked like a catalog for Ikea or Bo Concept. In the middle of it all though there was a tall and thick glass panel, from the floor to the ceiling. It was apparently meant for writing, one of those "boards" where you use like green or orange markers, though underneath the glass was a little pond of sorts complete with stones (the type you find in Japanese rock gardens). There was a little bar by the kitchen too, where I guess more often than not is where you would eat if you were just alone in the house or if you're just having breakfast. Basically everything was just so pristine. I honestly wish that I could draw properly only to give justice to this dream.

Another odd thing was that when I had stepped out into the balcony, It wasn't the Philippines i saw on the outside, It was a different country. I don't know if I should interpret this in the way that I think it should be.

Is this my sub-conscious telling me that if I go out of the country I would be earning so much more and basically living a life of luxury and style? Or does this simply mean I should re-arrange my furniture?


  1. anonymous1: i'd say just focus on whats ahead, dreams are just ur subconscious mind saying what it wants. so just do what you have to do and do it they way you think it should be done, and ull be on the way to making that dream a reality. no need to rearrange ur furniture, the arrangement of it doesnt really have a bearing on where ur life is heading

  2. Nice dream :) I guess it was about something that you really like and not realizing it until you had a dream about it.

  3. LOL, I say upgrade your furniture. Even if it's bit by bit. You know alot about interior design and all anyway.

  4. Hey Gino! just want to share you something...

    Dream Interpretation

    A house, apartment, flat, or any place of residence often represents you or your life, even if the dream residence does not resemble your actual residence. The events in the dream residence may represent events in your life. A house can also represent security, comfort, protection, familiarity, or belonging.

    To see a house in your dream, represents your own soul and self. Specific rooms in the house indicate a specific aspect of your psyche. In general, the attic represents your intellect, the basement represents the unconscious, etc. If the house is empty, then it indicates feelings of insecurity. If the house is shifting, then it suggests that you are going through some personal changes and changing your belief system.

    The type of room(s) you are in suggests the portion of your ego (house/appartment) that the dream’s about. Some common ones are the basement or cellar as the subconscious, the kitchen/dining room as the place of self-nourishment or social nature, the bedroom as a place of relationships or unconsciousness (sleep), the bathroom as private and where you cleanse yourself and dispose of waste, and the garage as the place where action/achievement (car) stems from or where we have things stored or piled up.

    To see an appealing or comfortable room in your dream, signifies opulence and satisfaction in life.

    Beautiful house maybe suggest you have been trying to achieve a fresh new mood or atmosphere in some way. You are forging a fresh new course.

    To see or dream that you are on a balcony, refers to your desire to be seen and noticed. It may also mean that you are on your way up the social ladder...

  5. wow thanks weenee. that really explained a lot and i guess it does make sense :)

  6. My friend got me a book that interprets symbols in your dreams for my birthday. Hee. Wanna borrow it? :P