Wednesday, January 21, 2009

There's a first for everything

I always told myself that i would never actually get into blogging...

I guess that was a lie judging from the fact that I'm already writing my first post ever. Truth be told I guess i just miss writing. I used to write a lot of short stories back in high school and in my early college years and for some strange reason i just stopped writing. I remember telling a friend of mine that the reason behind this was "when you're young you're very very emotional, and despite the fact that more things happen in your adult life now you're more in control of your emotions". I'm trying to remember now who said that all good writers are very emotional people, well either that or they were always drunk or on something, like Edgar Allan Poe. So hopefully I'll get to tap into my emotional side again so i can at least come up with something decent, though now that i think about it more often than not i was depressed back in the day so I guess what I'm really hoping for is to just tap the emotional side of me in a positive way.

A really amazing friend told me today that i should come up with a dream journal since i always remember my dreams and they're always these vivid pictures of a "perfect" life. maybe that's a good way to start writing again.

So it all started on a baseball field, apparently in this dream i had become a family man. I had 2 kids, 1 son and a daughter, of course my wife was standing there right beside me. Now i have pretty vivid graphic dreams but i can't ever come up with names for the people in them so I'll be putting random names to my dream characters. I can't really come up with any nice names for my children so for the sake of functionality i guess I'll just name the boy Blue and the girl would be Pink (I know it's not very imaginative but hey it's 4:36am) and my wife hmm... let's say Bella (since i just saw a twilight ad on the net a couple of minutes ago).

So we were standing in the baseball field my 2 kids were part of the little league team in a village over at Sta. Rosa, Westgrove to be exact (I'm pretty sure they don't have a baseball field there but hey it's a dream after all). The umpire had made a few bad calls when it came to my children playing naturally as the father I started getting pissed off and i was immediately thrown out of the game mostly because of the fact that I really wasn't the coach (Like a scene from old school where Vince Vaughn had been thrown out of a soccer game for his bad behavior, only the difference is HE was actually the coach). So here i am stark raving mad then i walk on over to my shiny silver SLK230, which i find very odd mostly because of the fact that I USUALLY want all my cars to be black aside from the obvious fact that i don't really drive around in a Mercedes. So i started driving back to the house. I had opened the gate of the wonderful glass house that I apparently lived in and parked my car with my wife's car following closely behind. She was driving a black Mercedes ML500 SUV (I just found it very weird that her car was black, is my subconscious telling me that I'd be giving up my wants just to make my family happy? I'm not really sure so I guess I'll have to consult somebody for that). So i was still pretty much mad but then Bella came up to me and just kissed me on the cheek and just because of that I had felt so much relief that I had completely forgotten about what I was stressing out. Blue and pink had already gone inside the house so Bella and I followed them as fast as we could. The minute i had walked into the house I had acted like it was nothing new in my dream but when I was thinking about it in real life it was truly a BEAUTIFUL house, very minimalist, very stylish and very bright (I mean it was a glasshouse after all). It had nice dark wooden planks for flooring, white or maybe beige walls, gorgeously designed ceilings complete with wooden beams and all, great lighting and a very nice black marble or maybe granite kitchen counter. The first thing i did as i walked into the house was head on over to the kitchen to prepare food because my parents were apparently joining my family for lunch since they lived in the same village.

See the thing with dreams is that while you're in it you don't really appreciate too many things in it, but the minute you wake up you suddenly see all these wonderfully intricate details and emotions attached to the dream itself. When I analyzed the dream I just realized how much pleasing my parents meant to me and how much I really want them to be part of my weekly routine even if I already had my own family.

My parents had just arrived together with my 2 older brothers, 1 of which had 2 children. Blue and Pink had run on over to the gate to welcome their grandparents, uncles and cousins, while Bella and I were pretty much busy setting up the table for them. We had a pretty ordinary lunch which i guess means that we had this every weekend and this wasn't anything new to well basically "dream" me. I don't exactly remember what happened after that, my dream had skipped a couple of hours to when Blue and Pink were in bed for an afternoon nap. Bella and I decided to go cycling around the village to the local gazebo where there was a garden over-looking a nice little meadow. Bella pulled out the red and white cloth where we were going to enjoy our little afternoon picnic is (I know, I know this is really typical, the checkered cloth I mean. I think every movie-picnic scene has this). Basically the rest of the dream was just bliss with Bella.

I guess this dream made me realize how much of a sap I really am, either that or I'm watching way too many romantic movies..


  1. hi gino!

    new blog eh?! cool! i heard you say g spot's multiply account earlier this morning then i saw the link... =)

    can you really remember (even the details) of your dreams?! galeng ah... and i think it's ok for you to use bella as your wife's name since magka level naman kayo ng hotness ni edward cullen. hehe

    congrats and goodluck. keep on posting, ok! i have another blog to check everyday now! hihi =P

  2. Watching too many romantic movies

  3. BTW, You're on my blogroll now. Still watching too many sappy movies man.

  4. @anne
    thanks for checking it out and for the edward cullen compliment =), yeah i will hopefully i'll get to post at least twice or thrice a week

    yeah i think you're right, i AM watching too many sappy movies

  5. you should have it intepreted to gelli and her dream sequence.

  6. Anonymous1: It is such a big leap to be able to translate your thoughts into writing, not only because you are opening yourself up to the world. It can be comforting to think that at the end of the day someone, somewhere, would be able to get to read this. some might find it odd or some might find it entertaining but then again the point of writing a blog is to be able to impart something to the world, and it's nice that you have tried opening yourself up.

    But then again, i guess you are entering into a stage of maturity to be able to project yourself as someone married and with kids and thinking about it didnt creep you out it means that you are open to the fact that soon enough you will be settling in.

    A Dream work wonders it shows us whats on our sub conscious mind. take it all in first, who knows it might give you answers.

    Sappy Movies or No Sappy Movies what your feeling is ok. some are just in denial, or some just dont want to talk about it, or some are even worried or afraid of that moment.

    One more thing, just continue what you are doing now, it is not only doing you good but also making others relate to you and you might be able to inspire others. you have a way with words to the point that its not really a chore reading your blog. just let it flow.

  7. i guess, the Mercedes cars, the baseball, the glasshouse and the family thing altogether in your dream have something to do with the movie - Twilight.

  8. aww gino, that was way, way, vivid! i remember having a vivid dream while i am dreaming (?) and just totally forgotten about it the very moment i've opened my eyes. it was like a picture slowly fading away as i struggle to consciousness.

    in psychology, dreams could be:
    our wishes/dreams/aspirations/wishful thinking ...
    things that we so much dread of or bothers us much...
    a collective images from a repressed memory (see theories of personality of carl jung)...
    or its just simply our last thoughts before we fell asleep, "virtually translated by our imaginative minds" ...
    it's a good therapy though to keep a journal of your dreams ..


  9. Hi Zero Boy! I don't know if you will read this but I hope you do~

    You have a great way of starting your blog but why did you stop on posting here?

    I've been following you on your fb page then I saw the link of your blog there that's why I'm here. Haha! This is the first entry of yours that I read because I'm curious on how you started your blog. I just started my blog yesterday haha! I hope you can be my friend. I know your kinda famous and busy now... but I still hope you will read this...

    Hope to know you more, Zero Boy! :D