Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I feel like the Doogie Howser MD theme should be playing in the background while i type this in.

I was planning on getting a massage today after boardwork, unfortunately the place that I would usually go to was already closed so I decided to just go home instead. I checked out the new DVDs I had and I started watching slum dog millionaire in the hopes that it would put me to sleep already, it did the exact opposite. The movie for me was absolutely captivating, and it really made me think a lot. For those of you who haven't seen it yet it deals a lot with destiny. This got me to thinking, do people really still believe in destiny? Do you honestly think that a certain path is written down for a man or woman to fulfill in his life?

More often than not life gives you very unexpected turns, things that you would never do in a million years but you end up doing them anyway. At one point in life I'm pretty sure you thought that you had a brilliant plan laid out, and you were so sure about it too. But what if something you didn't expect, something you didn't plan out deviated you from that path? What if you suddenly found yourself in a very strange road that was not at all familiar. Will you eventually get back on that path? Is an unexpected turn of events just a momentary bump to hinder you from getting to the end goal? or does it change completely because of that bump?

I know I may not be making much sense to most of you, but I guess I just have so many questions about life right now. I'd seen myself going to a very specific end goal before, and I was so sure of it. Bumps happened and now as much as I still want to end up in that specific place, I don't know if the universe will allow it, with all the complications in life, I don't know if it'll still end up the same way I always thought it out to be. I know i can plow through whatever challenge life throws at me, but at the end will I be standing there alone? In a place that's so unfamiliar, so alien, so strange to me? Or will it all still be the same. I think it was machiavelli who said the end justifies the means, so I guess the last question I have in my head now is if you change the means, will the end result still be the same?


  1. Well you sorta' hit some brain cells to think about the meaning of destiny. Are we really destined to...(whatever peeps ask themselves)? Is an FAQ to all of us; and we will never know the answer unless we do something to get where we want to be and be who we want to be. Our lives is already designed for us...its just what we do to get there that changes.
    There's this argument from the movie Across the Universe that stuck in my head: "what you do defines who you are"; "who you are defines what you do";"it's not what you do...but the way you do it." that will define who you are.
    Watch it it's a good movie, it is a musical tribute to The Beatles.

  2. I've been there before. When your supposed perfect plan explodes right into your face... I've been there. I even thought I have died at that time but I wasn't just buried. But who knows, maybe to change plans is the best thing right now because a better plan must take it's place. The result may not be the same, maybe even the exact opposite of what you have expected, but at the end you WON'T BE ALONE.

    Take care, Gino. =)