Sunday, May 17, 2009

Technology, Man's new master.

I feel naked today, I feel so hollow and uneasy.

I kid you not when I say that everyone is insanely attached to technology nowadays, everyone's so dependent on it. Would any of us live a day in the days of old where they had no electricity? no plumbing? no cars? no means of communication? In Sci-Fi ways, yes technology does make us better in a way that now we can kill a man with just the pull of a trigger but do you really consider that better? I mean in the olden days you had to be skilled, it took years for a man to master a blade, or if you go back even before that, people used their bare hands which I'm sure took even more skill. Can you imagine doing homework nowadays without the help of the internet? Actually doing research in a library without lights, using a candle and all that? I bet you, 80-85% of people nowadays can't even start a fire without a lighter or a match. I'm pretty sure you can't tell time by the sun as well and don't feel bad coz well I'm one of these people.

If this is how things are now, I wonder how things are going to be like in the year 3000 or something. I don't think we'll even be walking, that scene from wall-e where everyone was just fat is a very very likely possibility.

Today... I left my cellphone at home, 4 hours at the station without a phone is torture.


  1. No celfone for 4 hours...that's really a torture man @_@...
    ako, maiwan ko lang celfone ko sa bahay..di bali ng ma-late sa work basta makauwi lang at makuha yung fone is like a major part of my body...

  2. just this week, i unplugged my self from my ipod. I think i have been listening to it almost everyday. Not good for my ears, i dont want be deaf at age 40.

  3. gino! i had a dream about you. it's a very weird dream. you were crying ad it seemed that you and i were "together" or something. weird. but everything is vivid in my dream. i remember all the details when i woke up earlier this day.
    hmmm. just thought you need to know.


  4. No cp for 4 hours.. I think I can still bear it. Pero kung whole day.. noooo..

    Yeah, I so agree that we're soo dependent with the technology nowadays.. sigh.

  5. This is a good one. I have to agree on this one. Well yeah, technology made our lives so much better but we became so dependent that we forget how skillful we are. We don't develop ourselves anymore. We develop technology instead.

    No cellphone for 4 hours? That's excruciating man. Cellphones have become a necessity rather than a mere luxury.

  6. don't leave ur phone nxt time man....

    someone might call u..hehehe..
    i'll listen to u and fran today...

  7. How come your posts end up with everyone getting fat and not being able to walk? Haha! Tsk, bleak bleak future for us all :P