Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On pride and Twitter, or should i say "pride & twitteruice"

It started out as a pretty normal show today which turned into a small competition on who had more twitter followers, just a simple bet at first then it friggin snow-balled into a (well in my definition) serious competition between Fran & I.

Basically by monday next week, May4 at the very end of the show, whoever has more followers on twitter wins, and well here are the consequences.

If I lose, I have to take a photo of myself in a dress, with make up, and lights.. basically the whole 9 yards, (courtesy of treiz)

If I Win, Fran has to do a Marilyn Monroe impression photo complete with the white dress with the fan blowing it up and the blonde wig heck we should throw in the mole too of course (hopefully courtesy of treiz still).

Sometimes I seriously get in wayyyyy ahead of myself, I mean just the thought of me in a dress is simply absurd. So Please, do the world a favor and instead of creating an abominable picture of me in a dress, put Fran in a white one dressed as Marilyn Monroe and follow me on twitter. =)

--you'll make the world a better place. for real.


  1. i'm following the both of you!
    if ever it's a tie, EJ should do the consequences LOL
    peace EJ!
    - o dela ho

  2. Lulz, yeah, I'll do both shoots. I now need an industrial fan. LOL!

  3. Well I was like imagining Fran in a Marilyn Monroe get up versus you in a gown (take note: gown instead of a dress)... Super amusing! =D LOL... but just so you know I am following you on twitter =)

  4. hey who got the higher number of followers? did u win?

  5. SAW UR PICTURE IN drag man... u look like one a first lady...wig na lang ang kulang...
    sorry man for that but funny...
    re twitter i'm following the both of you!