Monday, November 23, 2009


As I write this down a thousand thoughts run through my head, but I'd be lucky to write down at least 1 coherent thought.

Let's start with one topic of discussion that has been coming up a lot lately..


I know we're supposed to live life with no regrets and all, but seriously is this even a realistic statement? We go through so many things in each and every single day of our lives and we're bound to do something that we absolutely abhor. I think the more realistic thing to say would be live life knowing regret, not forgetting it or not letting it go, but learning from every single painful detail of it. I mean after all like Alfred said in Batman Begins, "Why do we fall off the horse? So we can learn to get back on it."

I won't lie to you, I have a million regrets in life, simple things from why did I eat this today? Why did I drink this much today? Why did I make a left where it was completely traffic? To the more relevant regrets like Why did I not do as well as I should have in school? Why have I always been an academic under-achiever? Why did I let go? Why didn't I have enough courage to say what I really wanted to say? and so the list goes on.

I know it'd be completely wonderful to say that I have no regrets in my life and it gives you this aura of wisdom about you, but honestly, ask yourself, do you REALLY have no regrets in your life? No moment in time where you wish you could have just hit the rewind button on the lower left corner of your life just to go back at least 1 minute before you made the first move or for that matter the last one?

Within the million thoughts running through my head right now 999,999 thoughts are probably things that I regret, I'm not saying that I wish I could change it all because if I did it would totally change who I am now and what I've become. All I'm saying is, it would've been nice to change at least 1.


  1. hmm.. I guess I could say that Im one in a million. . coz theres no single thing that had happened in my life that I have regretted it. Im healthy emotionally. I have been through a lot na. And believe me my life wasnt that easy but nevertheless I am happy about it. No regrets. You can call me a hypocrite but still I stand to what I believe. I know I dont have the right and all coz the fact that I dont know you really and I dont know what the hell is happening in your life. As matter of fact, I just want to comment coz I wanted to help in as much way I can. Believe me I do.

    I strongly believe that everything that has happened for a very special reason and God has planned everything. He has a purpose for everything and like His covenant to us that He will provide everything. We were made by him and for him- not unless we understand that life will make no sense. I dont know if Im making sense here but what im trying to say is taht.. You must find the reason why certain things happened the way they were. Look at the brighter side of life. God has a plan and its always a better plan for us If we seek His glory always Gino. If you understood y things happened and only if you have forgiven yourself for the things youve done and for the things that you have not done. Forgive yourself in order for you to forgive others. Seek for God;s purpose, Trust His providence because He is completely sovereign. He loves us and He wants what's best for us. Accept everything that had happened and learned from him. A regret wont be a regret no more if you have learned from it.

    sorry jud kung pakialamera or anything ha? Gusto la ng man nakoh mutabang. Im a happy and contented person, I just wanna share what I have to others. Find your true purpose and Be Happy. After all, the ultimate goal of every human being is to be happy only that they dont know what really makes them eternally happy.
    God bless poh.. Ill pray for you to have peace and contentment in your heart..


  2. everything has its purpose, Gino. Maybe there are reasons why we did this and that. But just so you know, you are not alone. We all have regrets in life. and these regrets will teach us lessons. We just need to learn these things the hard way. Wishin you all the best, man.