Monday, March 1, 2010

Left 4 Dead

Contrary to what you're probably thinking this post isn't exactly about the game Left 4 dead. It does however have a similar feel to it, minus the zombies and the guns.

Lately I've been seeing that people around me have been dating, starting to like other people, falling in love, staying in love and even getting married. What's the deal? Did Cupid drop by and shoot a nationwide arrow somehow managing to miss me? Or am I just starting to feel jaded?

I'm happy for the people who have been finding love in the most unusual places, really I am though sometimes I think to myself, how come I'm not in their position? Is it a choice I made? Is it just luck of the draw? Or am I just shutting myself out to the rest of the world? Truth be told I have no real reason to feel sad, or to be depressed, things have been going pretty well for me in all the other aspects of my life but it just so happens that this part of life really gets me, and more often than not either I don't find myself in these situations or I just completely screw them up. It makes me wonder, is there something wrong with me? Maybe there's just something about me that doesn't attract these things. Yet again I am left befuddled by this stupid situation and yet again,

I feel left out.


  1. is it because you are just feeling it, not really wanting it, or needing it half as much as you feel it. Because you know that the void you are feeling cannot be filled in by just being in a relationship...maybe!!!

  2. I'm kinda on the same boat. Then again, I've got a more complicated situation. But being in a relationship, or even just the initial stage of liking someone and getting all kilig, is indeed miss-able.

  3. Gino,

    I'm not trying to downplay what you are feeling, but hey, you're still young. You sound like a 55 year old bachelor =)

    All in good time, we don't know when or how or with who. But there will be chances for you to love, of that we can be certain.

    Now, how that loves turns out depends entirely on you and your partner.


  4. Hey you're not alone. Cupid left me out too. But I try to rationalize cupid's decision. Perhaps he still wants me to rest because I just recently got out from a relationship. But I totally feel you. Well, in our own time, Ginoboi. In our own time. :)

  5. you are not alone. i feel the same way too. *sigh*

  6. it's a tragedy, these the-grass-is-always-greener-on-the-other-side moments. may you emerge from this fugue believing firmly that life is as good as it gets, and it may even get better in God's time =]

  7. I feel for the most part of it, the reason you feel left out is because you're not in a relationship yourself. These things will begin to manifest only if you're committed. I oftentimes feel lonely and depressed because I don't know what's wrong with me. You, on the other hand, maybe "screw" things up because it's new to you.

  8. love comes in its own time.. believe me... been single for 3 years now. :P

  9. Dear Gino,

    I used to feel that too. Trust me I went from being desperate to hopeless. I'm still single though but feeling better than before. I stopped feeling sorry for myself, avoiding songs that would remind me of memories. I listen to empowering songs instead. Have you listened to India.Arie's "This Too Shall Pass"? The part that i like the most is this... "All of a sudden I realize that it only hurts worse to fight it
    So I embrace my shadow, and hold onto the morning light". Try to listen to it. After all you mentioned not to underestimate the power of songs. Hope it helps!

    - Your_fan

  10. don't feel left out, it happens to everyone, there comes a stage in our lives when we seem to see the world turn without us, like we're missing out. I once blamed myself for every screw-up, I imagine most people do, but it never is. or maybe, here comes a time for you to uh. appreciate more the gifts given to you, somehow I can relate, but hey I'm just a kid.

  11. i have the same sentiments. it's actually surreal at times because i keep telling myself that this can't really be happening to me. and i guess the hard part about the whole thing is that you know that you have so much love to give but no one to direct it to. i'm contented with everything else in my life but when it comes to the aspect of a romantic relationship, i can't help but feel bad and sad.