Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gino and Fran's new adventure :)

So today I did something completely random. A friend of mine asked me to vote for her cousin for an online competition which I had absolutely no idea about whatsoever.. When I checked out the website apparently it was a competition for United Colors of Benetton.

If you get to the top 20 they basically ship you off to New York to do a shoot for Benetton which is FANTASTIC. I mean going to New York alone is reward enough right? So I thought to myself why the heck not? And then I came up with an even better idea, ask Fran to join. So now since campaigning is apparently the "in-thing" We're gonna do it too. Don't worry we won't come up with mind-drilling, LSS capable jingles to brainwash you to vote, I'm just gonna ask you guys to do so.

So please if you have the time, vote for us! It's really easy, all you have to do is sign up and vote :) You can vote once everyday for the same person at least :)

Send Fran and I to New York, and we'll get you awesome things from there. (mostly stories) :)

I can't seem to turn it into a link so just copy paste the url to your browser :) haha Muchos Gracias! :)

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  1. kawaii Gino and Fran... hope you win so maybe i can get free stuff from you...