Wednesday, October 12, 2011


There are times in your life when you'd imagine that you'd never fall, but then again here's life throwing you a curve ball.

You were fine just the way you were oblivious to emotion, and then the next thing you know in your head, love's the only notion.

You see yourself unsure of where you wanna be, yet you see yourself with this girl and she's constantly in your dreams.

You're walking around in the dark not entirely sure of where you're going, but you don't see it as a bad thing because you're constantly hoping.

You hide your excitement to conceal what you really feel, but you and your friends know the whole darn deal.

You think she's pretty amazing and disarmingly charming, and when you're around her you always feel your heart pounding.

You're always thinking of the right words to say around her, but no matter how hard you try your mind always seems to falter.

Your friends tell you how you should conduct yourself around her, but in your head none of this stuff really matters.

You constantly remind yourself to think of it as a game, but when you try to act suave all that goes through your head is "man, that was lame".

You don't know where this is heading but you hope and pray to God that it won't be a dead end.

You've been down similar roads before but you feel it's different, you hope this time that you've got better judgement.

You can't deny the fact that it makes you a happy camper, though you're scared that this might just turn into another disaster.

So here you are standing at the edge of a cliff thinking about jumping, the only question left is do you think you're worth catching?


  1. nice. you have put into words exactly how i am feeling. hihihi. ^^

  2. wow, nice to know you're back to blogging. i hope you'll post more soon.

  3. i hope you still drop by and visit my blog

  4. You're handsome, you're smart, you're independent. Why on earth are you still love sick? I can't understand! (duh, really?)

  5. wow. definitely awesome. i can swim with your thoughtds. you seem to be like a modern day apollo :)

  6. I don't know you personally, but I really think you're one of the best gentlemen left in this world. If that girl (which I think is from Magic, hehe) fails to see that, remember that I love you Gino, in all your charming dorkiness. :)

  7. Interesting entry!
    And I agree with what Lizzy said hihi

    ...So who's the girl? :>

  8. thanks for reading it everyone :)

  9. I am melting as I read your entry Gino. And I cannot figure out what I am feeling right now too... :( :) :/

    Ambot na lang gyud. Sige lang Gino, kaya na nimo.

  10. the life of an introverted gamer is really might sound weird but I wish I had a friend like Gino...

  11. She's one lucky girl. Hope to read more from you 'sweet-emo' Gino. :)

  12. glad to have stumbled upon this blog, your post has somehow given me hope that there are guys that are still like this.

  13. You seem to be such a sweet and decent guy, Gino. :) I truly hope it works out for you!

  14. this is so sweet.. and so REAL... c'mon gino!! jump to that cliff.. to finally know what is the answer... take the risk.. it will be worth it!!