Monday, April 13, 2009

help out a friend, your post-lenten season sacrifice =)

so i'm helping out a really good friend of mine, it's a school project so please help out. If you have a facebook account all you have to do is go to this site and click become a fan :) please please! consider this as a post-lenten good deed =) cheers!


  1. hey, m a fan of RX and of kate beckinsale. if i were a guy, she'd be in my top5. haha. but dont you think megan fox is so much hotter?

    what kind of school project involves the use of facebook?! anyway, m still missing my mean and selfish bone due to all the easter eggs, so there. request done. belated happy easter! haha. :)

    in return, can you please ask a few people to pray for me in my exam this wednesday? thankyou. :)

  2. ^ ok, I'll pray for you. but study hard, ok?

    Gambatte Kudasai!

    @Gino: "please please! consider this as a post-lenten good deed"
    - talagang nangunsensiya pa.. haha.. okie dokie

  3. for those who checked it out thanks again! =)

    well apparently i think it's for like an IT class or something. not so sure about the details..

    hehe that's what i do, pretty good at making people feel guilty =)

  4. @resolahcusmai
    megan fox is hot i must say, but she's got that 1 night stand sort of thing going on you know, kate beckinsale is the kind you marry haha..

    thanks for the help! goodluck on your exams! hopefully you wont need it =)

  5. @jun1013 AKA oscar dela hopya
    so i just saw your previous post. :) so whatup oscar! =)

  6. nothing.. just postin postin ^^,
    just roaming around the blogosphere =)