Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bird crazy

Everyone's going crazy over twitter, seriously and is it only me or does everyone find it amusing that every time there are too many tweets on twitter it shows this funny loading screen of little birds carrying a whale.

I find it amusing, or maybe I'm just shallow.

I seriously think that one of these days, the wall-e human situation is gonna push through. One of these days people are gonna be so attached to their chairs and computers that our bodies wont be able to support out weight standing up, that we'll all be fat, and glued to our movable computer chairs.

If that's the case, I'm way ahead of everyone on this trend. Think of it this way, fashion goes around in circles, fads do the same thing. In the renaissance period men with bellies were cool. Abs were un-cool. I should have been born way earlier. Quality over quantity, 1 big AB is so much better than 6 small ones. Right? I'm pretty sure everyone who agrees to this has a gut like I do.

My train of thought is completely scattered today, derailed would be an understatement.

"Sufferin suckatash"(as Sylvester would say)
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  1. hahaha... i don't really agree that 1 AB is better than a washboard but, damn, that was funny. nobody i knew ever put it that way.

  2. LOL at the 1 AB!! I can tell now why dru referred to you as "bacon".. LOL

  3. I am TReiz and I approve of this entry.

  4. I totally agree on the whole Wall-e thing. But hopefully it won't happen, like ever.XD

  5. agree... in the near future wall-e will come to reality... starting with me, i admitting that im a certified internet addict (weekends only)...bloghopping, twitterm facebook, all day!
    Funny: 1 big AB!!!

  6. Well, aren't you a delight? ;-P

    An ab is adorable as long as it comes with a cute smile. Hahaha! See 'ya on Tweeter! ;-P