Friday, April 10, 2009

lies anyone?

What is the basis of a white lie? Is it really so bad? I know that lying is basically bad, but is there ever a situation where hiding the truth or lying is acceptable?

Whenever you do the right thing for some weird reason it always blows up in your face, sometimes it's so tempting to just lie about it and just get away with so many things or cause no damage whatsoever. I mean really think about it, in certain situations when you hide or lie about something to not cause pain then you're doing a good thing. More like a the end justifies the means sort of thing you know. But when is it ever really right to just lie or hide something?

If you have the answer to this question please let me know. I'm finding it very hard to answer this.


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  2. sometimes you have to lie or hide something in order not to hurt the person you love... but then it will come a time that your lies shall be reveal, and when it comes you just have to be ready to confess the truth so that they will understand you why you did it...


    well, is there anything that bothers you?

  3. white lies are excuses to get away with something, but they're just temporary. hiding the truth is never a good thing, time will come where you really want to reveal the truth, and it's so gonna be worth it.

  4. maybe lying is good if it benefits not just you but also other people. :)

  5. If what you're hiding could cause pain and damage to someone now, it could still somehow cause pain by the time your lies are finally revealed. And lies always causes another lie until such time that you already accept those lies as your reality. But, as I would like to believe, lying is different from hiding something. You could hide something without lying.

    I guess it's okay to do the wrong thing for the right reason once in a while. Whatever makes you sleep at night, Gino.


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  7. hayee:)

    well, white lies may bring oneself & others hassle-free upshots but then again it's STILL a lie to begin with. when it may be hard to utter the UGLY truth, it's PRETTY much better than lying(worse, spinning web of lies just so to support the 1st statement). yes, they may hate you TODAY but they'll thank you TOMORROW(or eventually). I guess the answer to an honest-without-hurting quandary would be by saying it nicely & discreetly.

    veritas est virtus. truth is virtue.

    exception(I think): explaining adult stuff to kids;)


  8. haha thanks for the responses everyone,

    that really shed some light on my current, well not so current anymore situation :) I specially liked veritas est virtus =) haha

    and just so you know..

    I didn't lie. haha. Cheers everyone :)

  9. glad to share / be of help, Mr. Kathryn Bailey Beckinsale:)

    chanced upon that Latin phrase as the university motto of Rawley Academy in the short-lived series "Young Americans".


  10. you are a cute blogger :)

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  11. well, i think it will depend mostly on whether you can face the music when it comes back to bite you in the a**. :)

    as for me, the end will never justify the means. that's why robin hood has never been a hero for me. hahahaha!!!

  12. @leelan
    robin hood could never be a hero, he had a british accent =) haha.. more often than not, characters with british accents play bad guys in movie, reference.. star wars, everyone in the empire had british accents.

  13. its in man/woman 's nature to lie, no doubt!

    there are good things to lie depending on situations and objectives.

    as for white lies (like not telling your grand ma that your dad has a curable cancer) that's good... and so as anything and everything that is comparable to this.

    as for more complex things involving life, love, etc... be careful... the absolute truth sometimes comes at a later realization, the mind and the heart is comfortable to narrow things down... as for the truth the world is not in merely in black/white, shades of gray, but of with striking colors in different dimensions.

    as for dark secrets, it is of no worth to hide and taken to the grave as it would not define the person's true self to the world, live and lie to ownself is a pathetic way to live. To be all you can ever be is a curse yet a cure for a day-by-day absolute freedom.

  14. haha!

    i never noticed that. british accent = bad guy. i wonder why? is it because there's a certain allure to that accent? :)

  15. When it comes to a point in which telling the truth will not make any improvement to the situation. A point in which telling the truth will just make matters worse. That instead of understanding it will just send criticisms, instead of healing it will just bring further damage.