Monday, November 23, 2009

Romance is dead.

I'm not cynical believe me, and I don't hate love, in fact I cherish it. I'm sure you're thinking this is me just being bitter or something along those lines, but there is a reason this post is titled that way.

Take twilight as an example, or of course the talk of the town for the past 2 weeks or so, New Moon. They say that every woman wants an Edward Cullen in their life, someone who would love them as much as Mr. Cullen himself, that it's really not just because he's good looking, rich, incredibly strong and fast or whatever but it's also because of the fact that he is completely, utterly in love with Bella.

Example number 2, How I met your mother. If you haven't seen this series yet, I recommend you do. Ted Mosby, he's the most romantic/sensitive dude on television. He doesn't say I love you just to get in your pants or whatever, when he says it he actually means it. He's not deceptive, he doesn't play around and well he's a decent guy.

Example number 3, Ewan Mcgregor in moulin rouge. Completely in love with love. All around good guy, doesn't even think about anyone else except Satine despite her being a courtesan.

Example number 4, Romeo. As in Romeo & Juliet, I don't think I even need to describe this story to you anymore.

Chronological breakdown. In Romeo & Juliet, Romeo dies (of course so does Juliet). WHY? why do they have to punish people who are just in love? Is it a crime? I mean why did the writers have to do that? Is the world trying to crucify people who believe in what they feel? It's pretty much the same story with example number 3. Christian a.k.a. Ewan Mcgregor, believes in love so bad that he fights for his love for a courtesan despite oh I don't know certain death? and lo and behold just right after they make it through the frigging storm the writer decides to kill Satine! Yet again telling the world "Hey kids don't believe in love, because more often than not It'll kill you."

Now on to my other 2 points, In How I met your mother, Ted more often than not, gets rejected. Whereas barney has slept with about oh I dunno 200 women according to his list. Not that I'm saying that sleeping with other people is the objective but how is it that he gets to get the girls despite his ulterior motives? Don't get me wrong Barney is an awesome character, he's highly entertaining and all but most people would say I'd want a Ted in my life not a Barney. But look around you, Barneys everywhere are glorified left and right. Teds are forgotten.

Which brings me to my final point, In New Moon, everyone says I want an Edward Cullen in my life, somebody who can love me as much as he does, blah blah blah blah. Right after you watch New Moon, the only thing you'll hear is "oh my god Jacob was so hot". Mr. Romance (the college dork who doesn't know a thing about playing around with women and only says things because he means it) just got trampled over by Mr. Realism (the college football player, the prom king or as it was said in 500 days of summer, Lars from Sweden, with Brad Pitt's face and Jesus' abs.)


  1. I want a Jasper in my life. hahaha! :D Someone who has the power to break my heart (or kill me) but he just won't.. wahaha! :D

  2. I so agree with this.

    But if there are something Twilight Saga proved me, its that we can still find a sweet, understanding, romantic, oh-so-perfect, thoughtful man, who is more than willing to die for us.

    But they exist only in fiction.

  3. Gosh..again I contradict. tsk.. Sorry jud huh??
    coz.. Team Edward gud jud koh. despite the fact na macho jud si Jacob pero pangit man pud xag nose..baboy baboy..ngok2.. But Im one of those hopeless romantic.. and I also have witnessed from our church romantic love stories that are really heart warming and all.. so again, haay, as much as I wanted to agree with you coz your in an emo mood and all but I still believe in romance.. haay...

  4. I know right? It's just pretty weird how the good guys get the bad endings. But don't you think that's just the unfairness of life? Like how you tend to be biased on someone else's story because someone is better treated there? Just like in New Moon (iirc, since I haven't read/watched it). I don't know, but that's what I think x: