Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cold Turkey

Earlier on in the day when I had just gotten out of bed, there were so many things I wanted to write about. So many thoughts I wanted to let out, so many things I wanted to say but I ended up not getting to do any of that. I ended up dumb-founded and confused. My brain ended up swimming in a sea of random thoughts, random scenarios, things that could've happened, things I wish would've happened and the things that did happen. And now as I start thinking about all of that and combining all of them together I started to realize that the mind I think is a torture device purposely put into the human body to constantly keep your life in check, never letting you become too lenient, too content, or too happy. There is apparently no greater prison than a man's mind.

You can dream about the best scenarios, anything from getting super powers, thinking of what to do if you got for yourself a hundred million dollars, imagining people naked, imagining a better image of you, and even a true love scenario. What sucks most about this is it gives you such vivid images, it gives you ultimate control over whatever it is that you want control over because you're just dreaming everything up.

But the minute you open your eyes you start to realize how you're just normal with no powers, that you're financially unstable, that the person in front of you is fully clothed, that you DO NOT have a 6-pack and that you're single and alone. I mean seriously why do we even think of such things? Why torture yourself and evade reality for a bit just to give you a taste of heaven for a little bit and then shortly after brutally rip it out of your system. Imagine smokers inhaling on a fine stream of nicotine and then mid-puff just pulling the stick away and never giving it back again. Imagine a mother giving birth to her baby and the minute labor is done just instantaneously take away the baby and never let her see him/her again. Imagine being extremely thirsty and just as you're about to sip on the most refreshing glass of water in your entire life the glass spills over. Imagine finding someone you've been looking for for so long finally giving you the sense of happiness that you think you deserve and then just POOF vanishing into thin air. Why do we play with these thoughts in our heads?

I know that dreaming gives you hope, but at the same time it makes you dread reality. I hope they come up with a lucid dream machine eventually, I think I'd like staying there for the time being.



  1. kung ang puso mo ay pagod na kakahanap... kung ang mga pangarap mo ay di nakaharap... huwag kang magpapanggap...

  2. We all know there's nothing wrong with dreaming. If it's one of our way to make our own happiness, and our own way to plant a smile in our face, then why don't we do it.

    Yah... I also wished that dreaming won't just stop there.

    Gino you're great and you can do that, happiness is always around.