Monday, January 4, 2010


You know how in battle so many sacrifices are made for the so called “greater good”? Today I realized that life is pretty much just a lot like chess, you have the king and queen, obviously the most important pieces, the rooks, the knights, and the bishops, and then you have your lowly pawn. Now I’m no expert on chess but I do know the rules and I know for a fact that sometimes in order to make your higher ranking chess pieces get the best position for the check mate or even just a check, more often than not you’ll have to sacrifice some pawns.

I personally know through firsthand experience that losing a pawn is nowhere near as painful as losing a bishop, or for more obvious reasons the king piece. It’s just the way things are, you sacrifice the less powerful, less influential pieces for you to attain what you truly want or value. No tears are shed (figuratively) over losing a pawn, and I know this may sound stupid but if you truly see past the game I believe that pawns matter. Does anyone ever care about how the pawn feels? About how the pawn could actually turn the tide of battle? Or how a pawn can achieve greatness given the chance? Queens on the other hand move all over the board, they have the most power, it's the most valuable piece on the board in terms of purpose, when you lose a queen I'm sure you'd feel it. It’d be nice if players started treating the pawn with a little bit more importance than what we usually give it.

They say that for you to be a good strategist you have to value each and every single unit you have, whether it be a pawn, a knight, a bishop, a rook, a queen or a king. But of course this is not how we think, I mean losing in an online game or something is translated to you just got pawned. Go figure.

Interpret this in whatever way you like, it can apply to so many situations in your life. But I guess my point here is to make people realize that pawns have the ability to be great, the ability to do well. I mean after all you shouldn’t forget that when a pawn gets to the very end of the board.. it can be whatever you want it to be.

Treat your pawns right. No matter how lowly they may be.

*I just realized this right before I was just about to post this, a pawn can be whatever figure on the board, except the most important one... The king.


  1. technically, the pawn can't be a second king, for it already takes great scheming to # / corner one king! :))

    a pawn is but important! it's the shop one seeks when one runs out of moolah =))

    kidding aside, ja, yes, most people ignore the significance of "the insignificant".

    "No job is too small."


  2. Damn it! You got me here Gino! Well, you're right with what you said.

    Btw, I'll be flying to Singapore this Saturday and I'll be staying there for 6 months for my practicum. I hope I could still find time to listen to you and Fran. I'll definitely miss the show.

  3. @genevgsel_md wow, that saying is a lot like "there are no small roles, only small actors" :)

    @steph thanks I guess? :) yeah hopefully you can, well there's live streaming right :)

  4. @genevgsel_md oh and I know the pawn can't be a king.. see -- *I just realized this right before I was just about to post this, a pawn can be whatever figure on the board, except the most important one... The king.

  5. @GQ/zero boy:
    yes, "there are no small roles, only small actors." :)

    at d time though what I had in mind were microbes/plants at d rock bottom of d food chain. he2!

    also, yeah I know u know. jst sharing w/ other readers;)


  6. hi! i think this article reminds me on one of my college professor years ago that team is not spelled as t-I-m (as in just by yourself) but as t-e-a-m. it means that for a team or a group to work, everyone has to do his/her part because everyone, even the smallest task, has a role to play that is dependent to the task of other people. since you play basketball, everyone in the team is crucial for a team to win.
    just my thought about it :-)

    - vashnsync