Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mirror match

For two straight nights now I've had bad dreams, the first night was about my past so I'm not gonna get into that right now. The one I had earlier today though was just absolutely disturbing. I don't know if you guys ever got to watch this old horror film called the shining. If you're a 30 seconds to mars fan, it was where they got the concept for the video of the kill.

Basically the setting was in a nice hotel, but strangely nobody was there. Usually I remember all my dreams but with this one I just got flashes of the scenes from it, basically first off the hotel receptionist turned out to be this big Frankenstein looking monster, not the cute nice guy looking kind but the murderous ogre-like looking one. It basically picked me up with one hand by my neck and tossed me into a hotel room where I saw a duplicate of me. But this duplicate had blood smeared all over his face and a bloody knife to boot. I know it doesn't sound too scary but I still feel really creeped out thinking about it. The images were so vivid in my head like they had been seared into my brain via hot metal. Aside from the mirror image me trying to chase me down with a knife I also saw a girl I liked throwing knives at me, take note KNIVES not a knife, and with every hit I took I would slow down, because obviously I was trying to run away from murderer me and murderer chick. Just before the final blow delivered by murderous me, I woke up with a deep gasp.

So this got me thinking, what was this dream about? Why is it happening now? Why was I scared of myself? Is my subconscious trying to tell me something? Maybe the new me is killing the old me? Maybe I just have so many skeletons in my closet that it's starting to occupy my dreams? or maybe I ate bad chicken before I went to bed. Who knows?

All I know is now, I'm trying to think of why I would be afraid of myself, and why I would have a murderer-like mirror image in my dreams. I'm terrified to go to sleep still. Or maybe my self-loathing has gone on to a different level. I really don't know.


  1. they say that the weirdest dreams come when you are in deep sleep. you can just think of that, or the bad chicken. forget skeletons in the closet =)

    cheer up, gino. it will all pass soon (whatever "it" is)

  2. "the shining"!!! (thumbs up)

    redrum! redrum! redrum! :))

    i've read it's either d subconscious mind / dozing off d minute u finished downing yer dinner...

    gOOd to hear u snapped out of it :D