Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh well..

I heard this song today and realized how much this song meant to me back in the day, I know it's gay but whatever I'm posting it anyway. :) f*cking boy bands and the lyrics they come up with.

98 degrees - Invisible Man

You can hardly
wait to tell all your friends
How his kisses taste sweet like wine
And how he always
makes your heart skip a beat
Every time he walks by
And if you're feeling down
He'll pick you up
He'll hold you close when
you're makin' love
He's everything
you've been dreaming of
Oh baby

I wish you'd look at me that way
Your beautiful eyes
lookin' deep into mine
Telling me more than
any words could say
But you don't even know I'm alive
Baby to you all I am
Is the invisible man

You probably spend
hours on the phone
Talkin' 'bout nothing at all
It doesn't matter
what the conversation
Just as long as he called
Lost in a love so real
And so sincere
You wipe away each other's tears
Your face lights up
whenever he appears

I see you all the time baby
The way you look at him
I wish it was me sweetheart
Boy I wish it was me
But I guess I'll never be...


  1. happy new year gino! i have linked you in my blog. i hope you don't mind. but if you do, i'd put it down. =)

  2. Dude, we kill the douche, yes?

  3. yes damn them boy bands.

    @treiz there is no douche dude :) but thanks for the offer, I know you're good for it

  4. haha hey gino! happy new year! :) i hope you consider listening and checking out the lyrics of this song so that in the future, all you'll remember are happy stuff that goes with it :)

    Break Me Out by The Rescues