Monday, November 8, 2010

The continuous story of a boy who loved with all his heart.

Now I know that we all have our opinions of when life really starts, some people say it starts at 40, or so the saying goes. Most people say it’s when you have a family, I on the other hand believe that life starts when you first feel love. Not the unconditional kind that you feel towards your family, but the kind of love that you volunteer for, the kind that hurts you when you don’t protect yourself from it. The kind of love that sticks out, the kind of love that you remember for a lifetime. This story is a recollection of a boy’s journey through love. And it starts with the first one.


It all started when he was 16 years old. He was still in high school back then, not a care in the world whether it be for school, for the future or for love and relationships. Obviously this boy had already gotten crushes, the kind of which he felt passionately about but never really lasted for more than a week or so. He’d of course found women attractive already, but was never truly captivated by them, for this boy all he’d really care about is when he’d get to play billiards, go to a party, or play video games. Pretty typical considering his age. During one of those random moments where he just felt like he needed to go out, he went to a mall to meet up with a bunch of friends, now during this time cellular phones weren’t exactly common and he’d have to rely on his friends agreeing to meet up at a certain time and a certain place. Considering this was the Philippines everybody would come late, except for him. So off he went, aimlessly wandering the malls until he’d bump into his friends who he was supposed to meet up with. Little did he know that on this day he would meet the first ever person to show him the exact meaning of what love is.

She had jet black long hair, chinky eyes which he finds endearing, and a smile that’d put the sun to shame. Being the adolescent boy that he was, he was immediately attracted to her. Now, you have to take into consideration that this boy had never really had a decent conversation with a girl before because he came from an all boys school, that and he was going through puberty. Confidence wasn’t exactly his strongest suit, so he did what any awkward adolescent boy would probably do in this certain scenario. He just started following her around. No intention of talking to her because he knew that this was not something he could do. He just wanted a glimpse of this girl that he found so intriguing. After a few minutes of following her around he eventually lost her in the crowd and he thought to himself “oh well, that’s that”. But he was gravely mistaken, that wasn’t the last time he would see this chinese girl who we shall now refer to as “Kate” (obviously not her real name).

Several weeks later came the day that most high-school non coed students look forward to.. The fair. Now, for those of you who don’t know the fair is the one excuse for non-coed school to invite members of the opposite sex to visit the campus and well to simply put it, socialize.

So there he was enjoying what he would possibly classify as the best moment of the entire school year. See this boy was part of the Jail Booth committee thus making him a member of one of the most, if not the most profitable booths in the fair. And whether it be an adolescent boy or an aging man, monetary gain is always something to make you smile. He then continued on with his business when suddenly the tides had turned on him. He was handcuffed and dragged to the marriage booth, now much to the boy’s surprise when he looked at the girl that he was for all rights and purposes “engaged’ to at that day, it was “Kate” (on a side note the boy didn’t know Kate’s name yet, but since this is a story written far in the future of this boy, I’ll just go ahead and say it to avoid any confusion).

The boy was stunned, he did not see this one coming at all. Had he known, he would’ve prepared something to say, considering his inadequate skills of communicating to a woman. So instead he resorted to petty squabbling with why he shouldn’t be handcuffed and bickering about how hot it was and completely trying his best to not talk to the girl due to inability to start a conversation with her. Kate then surprised him even more when she started a conversation. Now it wasn’t a deep conversation, it wasn’t life-changing and it was more small talk than anything but this had been an improvement for our protagonist for he never really had a decent conversation with a girl of the same age before. Eventually time passed by and the boy ended up getting married to Kate, in the fair of course and not in real life. Now during the course of time that the boy had spent with Kate, the boy made absolutely no effort to get in touch with Kate. He didn’t ask for her number or her email address, not because he didn’t want to, but simply because he didn’t know how. But fate has a strange way of arranging things for this boy, and even though yet again he thought that this would be the last time he’d get to talk to Kate. He was wrong yet again.


  1. i'm looking forward to chapter 2. who would have thought this guy would be the CUTEST dj in the country. i love you GINO!!!-crctlpnymxms

  2. Nice start man! Going to look forward on how this project of yours pans out :D

  3. I hope this doesn't lead to the "Unwritten" entry ;c

  4. This is so sweet. Can't wait to read the continuation. Lucky Kate. Ohhhh.... :)

  5. "Eventually time passed by and the boy ended up getting married to Kate, in the fair of course."

    This made me crack a smile. Hahaha so funny...hmmm but I have a sense of feeling this won't really end in a typical happily ever after :|

  6. bloghopped. i like the start of this story. like the others, i'll stay tuned to see the rest of the boy's story. :)

  7. this is Judith Mcnaught to the ground. My heart skip a beat..

  8. Hi! I heard about your blog awhile ago (rxtmr), and this story is cute! More stories please! Very interesting ^_^