Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The winds of change

"The only thing that is permanent is change." - Heraclitus

It's amazing how fast we can adapt to certain situations. A few weeks ago I was feeling terrible, I felt like I was at a low point of my life. I wasn't coping very well with being single since I'm not very used to it.

With no major event happening in my life, without any trigger of any sort. I just woke up and said it's time to stop moping around. All of a sudden everything seemed okay, everything feels alright. I don't feel the need to be with somebody, not that I'm saying that I don't that want to happen but I just don't think it's a necessity anymore. I'm coping with it pretty well, just enjoying whatever it is that I'm doing as of the moment. Simple things from basketball, to going out with friends, playing xbox, playing a multiplayer game with friends. Everything seems enjoyable, I guess you just have to find your niche. They say that the human body can only take chemical imbalances (i.e. Love, Depression, Anger) for a certain amount of time. I guess that amount of time has passed for me.

I'll end this entry with a quote from one of my favorite zombie films. Zombieland.

"Rule #32 in zombieland. Enjoy the little things."


  1. I love that phase - waking up and realizing that sulking over a failure is futile, and it's time to move on. It's like being reborn.

    However though, I still consider it a phase, for, life is such a big merry go round. But at least you know, everything will be fine, eventually. :)

  2. Hey! It's nice to know that you're now ok Gino. =) I'm happy for you.

  3. I hope you will not mind when I say that I am still not totally convinced that you are ok...i still have to wait for you next entry..hahaha..maiba lang!

  4. from heraclitus to zombieland... i like your eclectic-ness haha

  5. good for you Gino! good for you. :D

  6. It's good to know that, in a way, you're trying to move on with your life. Realizations are always important. Don't dwell on sadness too much. God Bless. :)

    Let's just follow the Rules of survival!:) (zombieland)